Planning The Little Steps Of Hope Camp

Written By Rhonda Marglon-Ramsey
Little Steps of Hope wants to provide a safe and nurturing environment where suicide loss survivors can connect with one another while learning constructive ways to deal with the often unspeakable and fierce emotion of losing a loved one to suicide.
By creating a space for suicide loss survivors, we effectively ease the stigma around what it means to have lost a loved one to suicide.

The Little Steps of Hope Camp will be a camp where loss survivors will have the opportunity to form deep, knowing bonds with others and thereby forging supportive connections that we hope will last a lifetime.

As a community of suicide loss survivors, our camp focus will be to provide and explore constructive forms of self-expression. We will practice self-awareness as a way of identifying feelings and communicating them in a focused way.

Our focus on grief will dovetail with an equally significant focus on hope, and the power and purpose of piercing oneself together. Most importantly, we will empower campers to utilize the tools and resources we provide so that they may draw upon them throughout their lives.
We are passionate about the Little Steps of Hope Camp, and will be offering FREE weekend long grief support designed to help adults and children ages 6 – 17, who have experienced a suicide death of a loved one.

If you'd like to join us with the planning please contact us via email  at [email protected] or call Rhonda at (530) 921-2018.

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